When the makers of Viagra set out to understand sexuality in the modern age, they surveyed more than 26,000 people in 29 countries. Nearly 83 percent of men and 64 percent of women reported sex as being important in their life.

With that kind of a statistic, it’s no wonder that you consider your performance in the bedroom to be of the utmost importance. You’ve probably even considered a male enhancement supplement to give you an added boost.

One of these pills vying for your attention is Zyntez. Zytenz is a male enhancement pill that claims it will reinvigorate your sex drive and help you and your partner enjoy the best sex of your lives.

In this review, we’ll look at just what Zyentez proposes to do, the ingredients it uses to help magnify your sex life, and whether or not this product is likely to help you get things rolling.

What Does Zytenz Do?

Zytenz promises to improve both your pleasure and your performance during sex. It starts by building your sexual appetite and once you get into the bedroom, it will increase your stamina and intensify your orgasms, providing longer lasting, higher quality sex.

It has also been proven to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, allowing you to more quickly achieve and then maintain firm and full erections.

How Does Zytenz Do It?

Zytenz is able to follow through with each of these promises due to its high-quality formula, which has been tested and perfected over the last seven years.

One of its key ingredients is Arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is vital to your sexual function because it is a chemical used by the body to form and maintain erections by increasing blood flow to the penis, proving just how crucial an increase in Arginine is to you.

Zytenz also contains the powerful ingredient Tribulus terrestis, which has been used for literally hundreds of years to naturally build testosterone. Tribulus terrestis is frequently used by body builders due to its fierce testosterone-building abilities because it has the power to drastically increase your strength and your stamina.

As Tribulus terrestis increases your testosterone levels, additionally, it also brings about such benefits as relaxed smooth muscles, increased blood flow to the penis, decreased symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and an increased sex drive.

Testofen is another key ingredient found in Zytenz. A patented muscle-building extract from the Fenugreek plant, Testofen possesses potent testosterone-building abilities that will significantly increase your libido.

Zytenz also employs the use of oyster meat. Most people are aware of oyster’s abilities as an aphrodisiac, but do you know exactly why it works so efficiently? It all comes back to the fact that oysters are extremely high in zinc. When your body is suffering from a zinc deficiency, it results in a decreased sex drive as well as a heavily reduced sperm count. The inclusion of oyster meat in the Zytenz formula thus helps reverse both of those things by replenishing your body’s zinc levels.

Finally, Eurycoma Longifolia rounds off the Zytenz formula. Research has shown that this ingredient maintains and promotes healthy testosterone levels as well as the male reproductive function as a whole. Eurycoma has also been proven to reduce body fat levels and promote endurance by fighting fatigue and preventing physical exhaustion.

Is Zytenz Worth a Try?

We believe that Zytenz is a truly effective option for those of you who are looking for a safe, effective male enhancement product. Its ingredients are some of the most effective and thoroughly researched currently on the market, and at $39.95 for one bottle, it’s priced fairly moderately.
Stop your search for the right male enhancement treatment today, and give Zytenz a try!

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